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Excella Staffing Solutions is a leading healthcare staffing and recruiting resource that focuses on developing custom-made healthcare staffing solutions based on your organization’s unique requirements.

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Why Choose Medical Staffing?

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Recognizing that healthcare staffing needs are ever-changing, Excella utilizes proven talent-matching techniques coupled with sophisticated software tools to analyze client needs, then match those needs with experienced healthcare professionals.

Creating seamless staffing and placement solutions and offering careers that benefit both healthcare professionals and our clients, is Excella’s goal.

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Reasons to Partner with a Healthcare Staffing Agency

  • There is an increasing elderly population in the United States, which has led to a surge of healthcare jobs and rising demand for healthcare services, resources and staff.
  • Staying up to date with credentialing processes can be expensive and time-consuming. Laws and regulations for healthcare workers are constantly changing and difficult to keep up with.
  • Healthcare workers can be spread thin, over worked and get burned out. Many hospitals and institutions are safeguarding their staff by supplementing with contracted healthcare professionals.
  • Posting ads, screening, qualifying and interviewing to find the right candidates can be a costly and extremely time-consuming process, placing an undue burden on your HR staff that is already stretched thin.
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